Advanced Technical Strategies Course

Master Advanced Technical Strategies and Market Indicators to Become a Skilled Trader
Fees : ₹ 12,999
Duration : 3 Hours
Course overview:

Advanced Technical Strategies include combination of two or more Technical Indicators as a powerful tool or Swing Traders in the financial markets. It enables traders and investors to make informed decisions based on historical price data and market trends by identifying any Trend at quite early stage of Trend Formation. Hence, giving an advantage to the Swing Traders to Trade with greater confidence and higher profitability.

This course is designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of Trend with Entry, Exit & Stoploss points with multiple technical analysis principles. This course is created to meet the requirements of both novices and experienced traders.

Key highlights:
  • 3 Advanced Technical Strategies
  • Recognizing Trends with its Entry, Exit & Stoploss points.
  • Effective use of combination of two or more technical indicators
  • Learn from market experts
Why is this course important?

This Advanced Technical Strategies course is important for aspiring traders because it provides you with essential tools to comprehend price action, identify the Trend and its potential entry and exit points, and adeptly manage risks using proper Stoploss. The ability to trade the market swings is a valuable skill acquired through this course. It enables you to make well-informed and profitable decisions in the dynamic landscape of financial markets moving fast forward in the form of waves.

Benefits of this course:
  • Beginners and experienced traders can upgrade their Swing Trading skills
  • Enhances greater confidence & higher profitability from Swing Trading
  • You will learn disciplined decision-making through Advanced Technical Strategies
  • This course enables you to manage emotions while trading
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